It is best to find the pleasing project on the internet, then it would not be necessary to draw everything from the beginning.  It will be difficult to plan everything precisely without architectural knowledge. If you found the pleasing project on the internet, you will save time during drawing and planning of the future house.   Send the design of the house to us and we will assess it and submit constructive offers.

If you did not find suitable projects in the internet, you can choose from our projects of the timber houses.

Detailed drawing

If you do not find the suitable project, describe the vision of the house in detail.  It would be even better if you would draw the sketch on paper roughly and send it to us with comments. We will prepare a detailed drawing of the house for you.

You can immediately refer to the architects and they will not only prepare you a detailed house project according to your preferences, they will help to settle all documents to the building permit.

Advice: When you obtain the original house project from the architects, send the project to us for evaluation.  In most cases we prefer to highlight the construction aspect of the house and the architects usually highlight architectural and aesthetic aspect of house. We will provide offers to your architects. In such way you will avoid the possible corrections of the  project after the issuance of the building permit.


We produce typical, repeated houses, saunas and other buildings. We work according to our projects and the projects of the customer. We implement the projects which are created by the architects and prepare the work drawings.