The company carries out various construction works - we design and build residential, industrial, commercial, administrative buildings and business centers. We carry out the major part of the construction projects by ourselves, so the customers do not have to feel concern about hiring of inappropriate subcontractors or partners, about supervision of performed works and quality.

We carry out almost all construction works:

Construction of the buildings

  • Preparation of the site for construction and organization
  • External and internal decoration
  • Construction and installation of engineering networks
  • Installation of the heating system
  • Installation of the ventilation system
  • Installation of water supply and sewage systems
  • Installation of telecommunication and alarm systems
  • Electrical installation
  • Construction of transport communications
  • Hydro technical constructions

We have years of experience in the construction of various size and purpose buildings. Our team of highly qualified employees allows to achieve the highest quality results even during building of complicated structures.


Installation is carried out directly from the truck using a crane. The average size residential panel house is loaded into two trucks and it is mounted within two-five days. During installation modern sealing and hermetic products, galvanized fasteners and anchors (for fixing to the foundation) are used.  The warranty is provided to the house.


If the cellar is not constructed or the ground water is high, the bored pile foundation suits the panel house perfectly. According to the project, the inlet engineering communications are laid in the cellars. 

Special works 

The heating pipelines, communication lines (low currents - alarm, internet, TV), water supply are usually  installed under the floor according to the selected technical system.  The places of passing and connection to other local networks are projected in the walls. This work must be carried out by certified specialists. 

Facade of the house

Materials, which are chosen for the house decoration, will provide individuality. Decoration of the external wall panels of the shield is performed using various materials: paneling, cement particle boards, it is possible to reset, to insulate additionally or to plaster the walls.  If the clients request, we can supply the house sets with the installed windows and external doors, the gates, the roof covering, the external (outside) stairs and we can perform assembly and installation works.