It is necessary to have the detailed drawing of your future house in order to make the accurate estimate of it.

The detailed description and consideration with the client is necessary for every stage of the house. A number of factors influence the price: starting from the ground, the location, in which the construction is intended and finishing with the type of insulation of the roof.

The estimate is divided into 2 stages:

1. Main works: it is recommended to order these works from one contractor.

  • Foundations;
  • Walls;
  • Chimney;
  • Roof;
  • Impregnation of wooden surfaces (for timber houses).

2. Other works:

  • Floors;
  • Windows / doors;
  • Framed partitions;
  • Electrical installation;
  • Heating system;
  • and other works.

Each of works is described in detail and a separate price line is indicated in the estimate.


It depends on the quadrature of outer and inner walls, the ceiling, the roof, balconies, the thickness and completeness of constructions, the amount of elements, the size of the project.  The price of the repeated project is reduced. 

First of all, we calculate the price of the given constructions of the house. During calculation of the total price of the building, you should know the type of: 

  • flooring;
  • plumbing;
  • heating type;
  • the material of windows, their form, the opening direction, colour;
  • the type of wood of the staircase;
  • the roof covering and the rainwater drainage system;
  • exterior and interior decoration, etc.

We will calculate the total price of the specific house after evaluation of the project and the chosen decoration materials.