Wooden houses

Construction of wooden houses has always been the most popular building direction. Fondness to wood did not disappear nowadays, wood as the building material is used in order to preserve the landscape identity and the exceptional architecture.

As one Norwegian architect Christian Norberg-Schulz says: “Wood still means a lot for us... It seems that wood application satisfies such our need, which cannot be satisfied using other methods. It is doubtful that any other material, natural or synthetic, is so rich as wood ... Wood is the “warm material”. Its surface is never monotonous unlike modern synthetic products, its variety is endless. The natural warmth of wood reminds us the summer, the flowers and the forest ... ”

Wood is the ecologically clean and complying with the highest requirements building material. For this reason nice climate prevails in the wooden houses. The air gains special properties in these houses: people suffer less from respiratory diseases, allergies. The expensive forced ventilation system is not needed in the wooden houses.