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Almost every idea can be translated into reality.

DAISY is 120,90 m2 economical, warm and bright residential panel garret house.
The house walls are insulated with high-quality waterproofing materials. Wall decoration harmonised clinker tiles with wooden paneling. 
Clay tiled roof is insulated with natural and organic thermal insulation materials.
The house has wooden windows with advanced selective triple-pane glass package.

The plan of DAISY house
Ground floor   Garret floor
Hall 5,30 m2   Hall 7,90 m2
Staircase 6,20 m2   Bathroom 9,20 m2
Shower 3,80 m2   Bedroom 14,70 m2
Boiler room 4,00 m2   Dress room 6,30 m2
Room 12,00 m2   Room 12,30 m2
Kitchen 11,00 m2   Dress room 1,00 m2
Dinning room 7,30 m2      
Living room 19,90 m2      
Total 69,50 m2    Total 51,40 m2
Terrace 12,00 m2      

A client of Mano Vila defines his/her own desires, the house he/she would like to live in. And almost every idea can be translated into reality. Mano Vila will design a house according to your personal requests from the cellar to the roof, and will “realize” it on favorable prices.