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You do not need to be an architect for that. We will make your personal desires come true.

ROMA is 179,00 m2 economical, warm and bright residential panel garret house.
The house walls are insulated with high-quality waterproofing materials and decorated with ceramic clinker tiles.
Clay tiled roof is insulated with natural and organic thermal insulation materials.
The house has wooden windows with advanced selective triple-pane glass package.

The plan of ROMA house
Ground floor   Garret floor
Entry 2,31 m2   Hall 4,30 m2
Boiler room 3,45 m2   2 bedrooms 22,90 & 25,47 m2
Hall 18,80 m2   Closet 4,14 m2
WC 1,82 m2   Bathroom 11,60 m2
Kitchen 11,30 m2      
Living & dinning room 37,65 m2      
2 bedrooms 11,08 & 16,80 m2      
Bathroom 7,90 m2      
Total 108,11 m2    Total 51,40 m2
Terrace 4,50 m2    Balcony 8,70 m2 

Make your dream of a private house come true. Individual construction and at the same tame traditional building methods will enable you to realize your personal style of living.

Whether a house is completely finished, or assembled from house constructions, with or without a cellar, whether completely made from wood, or plastered, or with a combination of both building materials – you do not need to be an architect for that: we will make your personal desires come true.