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Mediniai namai

Future home is surrounded by nature.

SUSIE is 147,50 m2 economical, warm and bright residential panel garret house.
The house walls are insulated with high-quality waterproofing materials. Wall decoration harmonised clinker tiles with wooden paneling.
The roof is insulated with natural and organic thermal insulation materials and covered with high-quality steel roof covering, that contains no harmful heavy metals.
The house has a warm 6 air chamber, unleaded profile plastic window with advanced selective glass packages inside.

The plan of SUSIE house
Ground floor   Garret floor
Portal 2,50 m2   Hall 5,90 m2
Corridor 12,20 m2   WC 2,30 m2
Boiler room 5,20 m2   Bathroom 8,50 m2
WC 4,90 m2   3 rooms 9,40 - 21,30 m2
Room 11,50 m2   Closet 1,20 m2 
Kitchen 8,10 m2      
Dinning room 8,80 m2      
Living room 29,40 m2      
Total 82,60 m2    Viso 64,90 m2
Terrace 50,90 m2    Balcony 3,50 m2 
Garage 17,50 m2      

In any concepts about construction today and tomorrow a human being is the focus. Future home is surrounded by nature. Sun plays the key role.