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It is said that the dog is similar to his master .... There are important and a good neighborhood.

TWINS is 128,28 m2 economical, warm and bright residential panel garret house, which can be built as a double blocked house.
The house walls are insulated with high-quality waterproofing materials. Wall decoration harmonised wooden paneling with strong decorative plaster, which prevents accumulation of mold.
The roof is insulated with natural and organic thermal insulation materials and covered with high-quality steel roof covering, that contains no harmful heavy metals.
The house has a warm 6 air chamber, unleaded profile plastic window with advanced selective glass packages inside.

The plan of TWINS house
Ground floor   Garret floor
Portal 2,07 m2   Corridor 5,90 m2
Boiler room 2,78 m2   3 bedrooms 2,30 - 21,30 m2
WC 1,60 m2   Bathroom 9,40 m2
Hall 13,95 m2   Utility room 16,30 m2
Kitchen & dinning room 21,12 m2      
Living room 23,06 m2      
Total 64,58 m2    Total 63,70 m2
Carport 21,00 m2    Balcony 3,50 m2 

Live is sense of life. Does not affect us more than humans and things, with whom we surround ourselves. You are in expression of our own nature and state much over us. That applies to the house, in which we live. You must well-feel and identify with the style of your house.