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Technical elements are consistent with the structure.

MODERN is 94,40 m2 economical, warm and bright residential single story panel house, which can be built as a double blocked house.
The house walls are insulated with high-quality waterproofing materials. One part of the walls plastered with strong decorative plaster, which prevents accumulation of mold. Another part of the walls carved wooden paneling.
The roof is insulated with natural and organic thermal insulation materials and covered with high-quality steel roof covering, that contains no harmful heavy metals.
The house has wooden windows with advanced selective triple-pane glass package.

The plan of  MODERN house
Portal 2,40 m2
Hall 10,20 m2
Corridor 3,70 m2
WC 1,80 m2
Bathroom 8,50 m2
2 rooms 10,70 - 13,70 m2
Living room  33,60 m2
Kitchen 9,70 m2
Total 94,40 m2
Entrance 8,70 m2
Garage  20,70 m2
2 terraces  12,50 - 15,20 m2

In every project both alternative wall structure and individual technical elements can be adapted. This is for you to decide which elements interest you most. We will consult you in designing your house and will help you to integrate such elements into your house.