Your fantasy in facade decoration is unlimited.

NINA ANDERS is 230,01 m2 economical, warm and bright residential two stores panel house with garret.
The house walls are insulated with high-quality waterproofing materials and wood cladding, coated with fireproof and moisture resistant materials.
he roof is insulated with natural and organic thermal insulation materials and covered with high-quality steel roof covering, that contains no harmful heavy metals.
The house has a warm 6 air chamber, unleaded profile plastic window with advanced selective glass packages inside.

The plan of NINA ANDERS house
Ground floor   Garret floor
Kitchen 15,96 m2   Hall 15,11 m2
Dinning room 20,77 m2   3 bedrooms 7,61 - 13,84 m2
Living room 22,96 m2   WC 4,53 m2
Hall 4,66 m2   Closet 3,11 m2
Staircase 5,12 m2   Terrace 17,05 m2
Closet 2,88 m2      
Laundry 6,23 m2      
Total 78,58 m2    Total 69,94 m2


Garage 39,75 m2
Utility room 28,33 m2
WC 3,59 m2
Staircase 6,40 m2
Auxiliary room 3,32 m2
Total 81,49 m2

Your exclusive dreams can be fulfilled also by timber frame houses offered by Mano Vila. Constructions of timber frame houses enable individual planning, modern constructions, and other playful options. Timber frame houses of Mano Vila are manufactured in a factory and later assembled by our personnel. Exclusively dry timber is used in production, relative humidity of which is 12%. Your fantasy in facade decoration is unlimited.