GABI | ManoVila - EN


Wood renders warmth and coziness, inspires freedom of creation.

GABI is 106,00 m2 glued logs residential garret house.
The house milled timbers are rectangular, 200 mm thick.
The roof is insulated with natural and organic thermal insulation materials and covered with a stone roof, slate.
The house has wooden windows with advanced selective triple-pane glass package.

The plan of GABI house
 Ground floor   Garret floor
Living room 24,36 m2   2 bedrooms 19,38 – 22,62 m2
Kitchen 13,92 m2   Hall 4,91 m2
Room 8,03 m2      
Entrance 3,64 m2      
WC 3,64 m2      
Bathroom 5,88 m2      
Total 59,47 m2   Total 46,91 m2 


Mano Vila fulfills your desires to live in a modern wood house designed according to your requests and constructed from supreme quality materials. Differently from all other building materials, wood renders warmth and coziness, inspires freedom of creation – the same diverse as you are.